The Diamond Portal Series

"Diamonds and emotions go together. I am intrigued by the ability of a diamond to hold you captivated - through its fire, brilliance, reflections, colour and its association as a holder of value, prestige, power and mystique. The eternal depth of diamonds are like portals, gateways to other dimensions. In the Diamond Portal Series, I explore the moments of human emotions as seen through the lens of the diamond as a storyteller. You are invited to enter portals where subtle references exist but the story is completed based on your life experiences and desires. I hope that each time you see the work, a new set of questions, solutions and possibilities emerge. The qualities of diamond act as metaphors and hold the stories together."

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Video: Diamond art by Reena Ahluwalia, an award-winning jewelry designer and Jeweler-Who-Paints. Colourless and fancy coloured diamonds are Reena's passion and feature in Reena's artwork. The diamond paintings are a result of a life time of Reena's work in her favourite medium - Diamonds!