'Bel Canto - A Homage to Maria Callas', HRD Awards 2007

White Diamonds: 101.0 Carats, 18K White Gold: 510 Grams, Red Enamel. Diamonds: Diarough NV; Jewel: Shrenuj & Company Ltd. Photo: Thierry Van Dort, Donald B. Woodrow

Design Statement

‘Bel Canto’ means beautiful singing. Design is inspired by the sheer experience of opera, at the center of which is a Soprano. Opera can be playful, prayerful, haunting, and incredibly versatile. One seems to move through a range of emotions.This is the way I interpret opera in my jewel - by the emotion it stirs. I have attempted to recreate melody, the high and low notes sung by legendary Soprano Maria Callas. She was an American-born Greek soprano and perhaps the best-known opera singer of the post-World War II period. Dazzling white diamonds and red enamel work recreate the passion, love, tragedy, drama and excitement of opera. I focused on the organization of sounds and elements such as rhythm, melody, and harmony. The greatness of opera is the ability to convey an emotional meaning for which words alone do not suffice. 

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Original hand-drawn blueprint of Bel Canto necklace by     ©    Reena Ahluwalia

Original hand-drawn blueprint of Bel Canto necklace by ©Reena Ahluwalia