Gold is glorious. For me it represents sophistication and beauty that is ancient and modern at the same time. It reminds me of warmth, exotic sunsets of the east, glorious summers, shimmering embroideries, white winters, blush of dawns and much more. Its mystic significance and symbolic associations throughout the ages fascinate me. I like the way in which gold can capture any emotion, and the ease with which gold can be worked; its extreme malleability, ductility, great tensile strength all make gold an irreplaceable choice.

'Autumn’ - 22K yellow gold. 1996

‘Concertina’ - 22K yellow gold. 1998

‘Gold Virtuosi’ - 18K white and yellow gold. 2000 

Design Statement

Ode to Fall - 'Autumn' necklace. 22 K yellow gold. “Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree” - Emily Brontë. Golden, graceful falling dry leaves of autumn inspired this creation. Leaves of this necklace can be detached. Once separated, the leaves can be worn individually as pendants, necklaces and multiple brooches.

‘Concertina’ Necklace. 22 K yellow gold. The necklace takes it’s inspiration from the Concertina - a musical accordion-like instrument, consisting of close pleated tubes, held in hand and played by pressing the ends together. I wanted to explore various possibilities in form and silhouette. The three dimensional necklace slides out of the chains to create two dimensional form. Once taken out, it rhythmically drapes itself around the body in many permutations and combinations.  

'Gold Virtuosi' Ensemble. 22K yellow gold. Ensemble in 18 K yellow & white gold. 12 inch vertical necklace, that transitions from 2D to 3D. Composed of planer elements and triangles, each plate is hinged and folds like pleats to create a 3D form. This jewel was recognized by 'Gold Virtuosi International Awards' by World Gold Council in India & Italy. 'Pragati Maidan' is a large convention center in New Delhi, India. I used to drive past this structure every day.The impression it left on me, resulted in a gold jewel. I found the interplay of open and closed spaces fascinating, as they almost assume human qualities. A meeting place, coming together of minds, blending and forming. Besides it's technical functioning, I hope, these pieces represent much of this idea boldly.

Original hand-drawn design exploration sketch of Gold Virtuosi necklace by     ©    Reena Ahluwalia

Original hand-drawn design exploration sketch of Gold Virtuosi necklace by ©Reena Ahluwalia