'Imperial' Green Diamond Necklace by Reena Ahluwalia

The 'Imperial Diamond Necklace' is designed by award-winning designer Reena Ahluwalia and commissioned by Venus Jewel - World Leaders in Solitaires. Materials: Canadian green diamond from Ekati Mine, purplish-pink Argyle Pink Diamonds and white diamonds set in 18k white and rose gold. The diamond shapes used in this necklace are round brilliant, oval-cut, pear-shape and marquise-cut.

The design is inspired by the symbolism of clouds from the artworks of the Chinese imperial courts. According to Chinese beliefs, clouds are a good luck symbol and carrier of fortune and happiness. Clouds, it is believed, were created between heaven and earth and serve as the celestial transport vehicle for gods in heaven. Through this inspiration, Reena set out to create an exceptional jewel that acts as a modern day amulet, imbued with positive vibrations and good luck for the wearer.

Each diamond used in this spectacular necklace is origin-guaranteed and responsibly sourced. The star of the necklace is an exceptionally rare Canadian green diamond that originated in the Dominion Diamond Corporation's Ekati Mine. In the world of fancy coloured diamonds, a green diamond may be the most mysterious and intriguing. Green in a diamond is caused by millions of years of exposure to a source of natural irradiation in the earth.

A 'Cubo-Octahedron' structure, formed deep in the Canadian Tundra, the rough diamond was acquired by diamantaires Venus Jewel. It took Venus Jewel more than 230 man hours to polish this diamond into a 8.60 ct. stone, unraveling its mystique and bringing forth its full majesty. Venus Jewel then entrusted Reena to design an exceptional piece around this beauty. 

“Being a long time proponent of origin-guaranteed, responsibly sourced diamonds, I found an instant connection to the stone. The knowledge that it came from Canada, my home, and is mined to the highest environmental and ethical standards in the world is of deep importance to me. Venus Jewel is recognized worldwide for their responsible sourcing of diamonds, transparency and commitment to society. I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful journey with Venus Jewel whose philosophy is reflected my own personal values as a designer and storyteller.” -- Reena Ahluwalia

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