The Moments Collection by Reena Ahluwalia combines diamond (smart) jewelry with wearable technology and merges style and fashion with deep personal meaning. Moments collection design philosophy is rooted in these core values and aspirations -  to nurture love, nurture dreams, nurture earth and nurture humanity. According to Ahluwalia, "It keeps me focused on creating meaningful and romantic jewelry." 

The Moments Collection by Reena Ahluwalia

Using QR Code technology opens the door to a unique ecosystem that allows you to attach your most precious moments to your diamond jewelry. The diamond pieces flip to discreetly reveal a QR code that is otherwise hidden from view while the jewelry is worn. The Nurture By Reena proprietary "Moments app" allows users to create and/or view/share a moment using QR code technology. Users can personalize their unique moment by custom creating personal message and by adding photo to create their moment. Using the app, the user can view/share content that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Moments App is available for iOS and Android.  


Each cutting-edge design unites the beauty of natural shapes with the precision of modern technology and brings to life Reena’s love of discovery. And while each piece embodies the unique vision of the artist, you’re invited to give it personal meaning through the stories you attach to it. Capturing an individual's unique moment and personal messages, the jewel can be effortlessly personalized with content that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Like the eternal nature of a diamond, your jewel becomes a modern day digital talisman, a time capsule that captures and preserves your moment. 

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