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Imagination differentiates my art

My paintings reflect my lifelong work with diamonds. We are like diamonds - brilliant, radiant, luminous, full of potential and much more! This is the connection I want to express through my paintings. Each painting, even when inspired by particular shape and color, has my creative imagination making it unique and coveted.

Asscher Cut_Diamond Painting_Reena Ahluwalia_Entranced_process1.jpg

Precision and geometry is poetry

My education and career as an artist, jewelry designer and a technical drawing professor helps me tremendously. I start with a blank canvas. I meticulously plot and hand sketch an under-drawing that is precise and will guide my decision on facets and colors. I love this poetry in geometry. Interpreting them into ultra-magnified facets resulting in canvases, some over 8 Feet.

Reena Ahluwalia_luminosity_yellow diamond painting .jpg

I think in color

I develop my own color palette. Just like life, diamonds would be boring if they were just monochromatic. This is why my paintings are informed by the intimacy of a color palette that captures the true brilliance, reflections and colors of the diamond. Each facet is a rewarding result of multiple applications of my color palette layer-by-layer.

Unlock_Red Diamond Painting_Reena Ahluwalia5.jpg

It takes time...from 200 to over 700 hours each

Each painting is my labor of love. Painting facets takes a lot of patience, deep concentration and judgement. I love being in that magic space! I can spend hours painting and blending each facet. Often, I lose track of time as I paint, intimately capturing the play of light and color.

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