The 'Stars of Africa' collection is a true innovation in the jewelry industry. Jewelry consists of diamonds encased in a fluid filled sapphire globe, which allows them to dance, float and cascade down gently in the globe, just like snowflakes in a snow-globe. The result is cascading diamonds that emit light, fire and beauty, which creates a truly mesmerizing effect.

A Reena Ahluwalia collaboration with Royal Asscher, the entire collection benefits Royal Asscher's fundraising initiative, Star of Africa, which was launched in 2008 aimed at improving infrastructure in Africa by creating funding for healthcare, education and self sufficiency programs. The project's name not only represented the largest diamond ever found, at 3,105 carats, which the Asscher family cut in 1908, it also reflected the reality that the true Star of Africa was the continents' precious people. 

Presently we cooperate with the Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF), which supports education initiatives for disadvantaged people in diamond-rich African nations. Our donation sponsors students from Sierra Leone who attend the African Leadership Academy, founded on the belief that ethical leadership is the key to transforming Africa.


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