75-carat Canadian Diamond Victor Necklace by Reena Ahluwalia

This dazzling rough diamond necklace was commissioned by Vancouver-based Crossworks Manufacturing Ltd - HRA group. Actress Allie MacDonald appeared at the (TIFF 2010) Toronto International Film Festival's opening night wearing this masterpiece. The Victor necklace contains 100% rough diamonds from Ontario’s De Beers Victor mine and featured an 18-karat gold setting. Photos: Crossworks Manufacturing, Ryan Savella, James Helmer, Red Carpet Diaries

Design Statement

The necklace's spiral cage design was inspired by the historic Mace of Ontario (Ontario Legislature). Using 27 uncut, unpolished rough diamonds, this necklace is truly Canadian: it was mined, designed and manufactured in Canada. I wanted to design a statement necklace with an understated natural elegance. Rough diamonds were the perfect choice — understated, pure and just the way nature intended them to be. The spiralling form secures the rough diamond gently and is intended to portray social responsibility, signifying the diamond mine and the natural riches of Ontario. Rough diamonds are organic, inherently one-of-a-kind and make a strong statement about one’s identity, desire to return to nature and of course, diamonds' conflict-free origin. To be able to hold these diamonds in your hand, as pure as a dewdrop and to know that they came from your backyard, is incredibly inspiring.

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