Art Of Spontaneity

Freshness, immediacy of moment and an impulse - I love spontaneity.

As a designer, what I have uncovered about spontaneous discoveries is very special. These unscripted moments have a tendency to come back to me, sometimes years later and manifest themselves into ideas. They some how connect and expand and become tangible. I don't over think these moments, I just let them fill me.

One day strolling on the streets of Santiago, Chile, this is what I unexpectedly found. No, I didn't come back and make a piece of jewelry that exactly resembles this seed bulb, nor did I name a jewelry collection after the city. Not as yet. What instead I did was this - nothing! I will let this spontaneous moment float somewhere in my mind and hope when the time is right it will come back.

Well, at least that's how spontaneous things work for me.

Reena Ahluwalia_Chile.jpg